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We guide leaders in learning to be self-correcting.

We are a strategic services firm focused on serving clients as trusted advisors, consultants, and teachers. We are commissioned to lead engagements guiding the development of professional leaders as they overcome adversity in the pursuit of their performance objectives.

Our engagements focus on helping clients build the professional strengths & capabilities needed to face adversity.


Creating strategies to conquer adversity.

We teach leaders how to think, act and be as a strategist...not by memorizing tips, rules, and techniques, but by imparting methods for internalizing the underlying principles of strategic thinking so well that they become a cast of mind which pervades everything they think, feel, and do.


Discernment & judgement leads the leader.

We guide leaders to recognize the development of their interior nature as a continual process of sharpening the human faculties to be sharp, discerning, and powerful. Leadership development is a long-term endeavor of the individual's commitment to insight-generating practices.


The courage to serve in virtue, truth & deed.

We explore neglected domains of development and prepare leaders to navigate the complex internal and external pressures of leadership. Learning the precepts of self-governance by identifying and addressing incongruities prepares leaders for the conflicts that arise in adversity.


We add value by helping leaders to awaken and develop the faculties necessary for sound leadership. The aim is to create a unique understanding of how one's operating environment actually works and orienting efforts towards the achievement of worthy objectives.

Integrated Development & Performance

Intensive development engagements for executives, commanders, entrepreneurs and managers. Emergent learning experiences tailored to the needs of our clients.

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

We guide clients through processes of reflection and discernment designed to optimize performance activities. These support and refine the deep thinking required of leaders to make tough decisions that impact the people and the direction of an organization.

Research & Development

We lead strategic studies to analyze and synthesize client challenges. Our research methods generate unique insights that clients use to augment performance.

Strategic Advising & Management Consulting

Targeted advisory consulting for companies, organizations and teams confronting adversity and challenges. Strategic services are tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Special Seminars

Tailored development sessions delivered by domain experts.

  • Combat Leadership

  • Tactical Leadership

  • Antifragility & Resilience

  • Strategic Leadership

  • Meditation & Mindfulness

Entrepreneur Development & Creative Leadership

MOSAIC supports creative leaders in the essential movements of innovation. The aim is to clarify the knowledge and instruments of power needed to drive the adaptation process.

We serve leaders who are willing to explore both their own inner nature and the inner nature of their organizations with the aim of increasing human and organizational performance by ensuring that all human beings therein are fully engaged. Our clients are executives, commanders, managers, innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs. We serve leaders who work in a variety of industries, including US Special Forces, Fortune 500 companies, startups, think-tanks, and creative organizations.


Ryan Krupa

Founder & CEO

Experienced leader and teacher. Has led hundreds of engagements for thousands of leaders. Devoted to serving as a guide for aspiring leaders to live in virtue, truth, and deed. Specializes in creating leadership development programs and leading development intensives for client engagements.

Melissa Love

Founder & CSO

Experienced leader, teacher, healer, and coach. Serves clients as an executive director and strategy consultant. Has led thousands of hours of coaching with hundreds of leaders. Melissa has accumulated 4,000 hours of lifetime meditation practice, taught over 500 yoga classes and has facilitated over 1,000 hours of energy healings. Melissa is currently head of The MOSAIC Foundation, a 501c(3) non-profit serving active duty and veteran warriors.


“I found our company in a predicament. We were growing our business very fast.  We had a mix of young leaders and seasoned veterans who were working their butt's off but found ourselves in unfamiliar territory.  The team was very talented in task but missing the strategic connections to be successful.  Ryan's process of slowing down to speed up, learning who each person was, how they grew up, what experiences they had in life and how that draws back to building a team was game changing.  The outcome from this experience was beyond expectation. The principles and practices Ryan brought to the table changed not only the individuals in the room, but the company as a whole." 


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"The secret of genius is to suffer no fiction.
To realize all that we know..."
- Emerson

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