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Advising and Coaching

Researching and Consulting

Training and Developing

Commercial-of-the-Shelf Trainings, 1-5 day options





  • Leadership Development (Light of Leadership series)

  • Strategic Leadership & Management

  • Vision Casting Training

  • Advanced Team Leadership & High Performance

  • Leading and Managing High-Performance Teams

  • Moral Development and Ethical Reasoning

  • Critical and Creative Thinking

  • Resiliency Development

  • Tactical Leadership

  • Train-the-Trainer: Strategic Leadership

  • Train-the-Trainer: Resiliency

  • Teacher Certification Program

  • Retreats: Executive and Leadership Teams

"This is one of the objectives of our teaching art—to become self-reliant and independent–freed from the wills and judgments of other human beings. We achieve this state of being by the techniques of dialogue, meditation, and contemplation, as we study our domain, as we study our students, as we study objective reality, and as we study ourselves. In this way, we come to know not only reality, but truly we come to know ourselves. And this coming to know ourselves, by the gift of self-knowledge, results in self-reliance and independence. This is how we become unmoved movers, and learn to rest in the depths of our being. In these depths we learn to receive and give truth’s light as wisdom."

- Excerpt from The Gospel of Leadership

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