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Since our inception, MOSAIC has been completely focused on creating value for our clients by focusing on neglected and critical areas of human development.

We educate leaders on theory and how to apply theory in order to lead their enterprises through tectonic shifts in the structure and nature of our age.  We guide leaders to embrace this shift by transforming their inner nature and the nature of their organizations into complex, adaptive and resilient organisms.  This implies a shift from an authoritative structure of command and control to a performative structure of leadership and guidance.  The reason is to increase human agency and ensure all human beings are fully engaged.


Our services are built upon a disciplined approach to advising and training to create value for clients.  We research.  We study. We design.  We deliver.  We mentor. 

Ryan Krupa


Krupa is the Co-Founder and CEO of MOSAIC LLC, a strategic services and training firm.  He specializes in creating and delivering human development programs. He has created and led engagements focused on strategy, leadership, management, performance, ethics, expertise, and resiliency.  Krupa has led over 100 development programs. Devoted to the pursuit of truth as a noble endeavor, Krupa has studied the domain of leadership development for twenty-five years and has been leading development programs for ten years. He has held leadership, management, and consulting positions in the US Marine Corps, KPMG Consulting, Center for Creative Leadership and Deloitte Consulting. His client history includes Google, Microsoft, Starbucks, Lululemon, and U.S. Special Operations Units.  Krupa holds a Master of Science in Leadership from the University of San Diego, California.


Author of: The Gospel of Leadership: An Unconventional Dialogue in the Pursuit of Truth.

Ryan Glidden


Ryan is an experienced entrepreneur, operations consultant, and human performance leader with over 10-years of experience.  Ryan Co-Founded MOSAIC LLC, a strategic services and training firm. He served as the lead instructor of MOSAIC Yoga and the lead facilitator for MOSAIC’S Yoga Teacher Training Program.  He has led over 20 human development programs, taught over 2,000 yoga classes, and achieved a class attendance in excess of 20,000.  His impact as a teacher led to his selection as a Lululemon Ambassador.  Ryan received his BA from Stonehill College.  He has studied with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the CHEK Institute for Advanced Performance, the Metabolic Typing Education Center, and the Symmetry’s School for Alignment Therapy.  He is an avid reader, researcher, and student.  Ryan is the author of two books and has contributed to numerous other publications.  He is dedicated to three things: God, His family and helping human beings develop their highest potential.

Melissa Love-Glidden


Melissa is the Chief Strategy Officer of MOSAIC.  She is an experienced Executive Director, strategic operations consultant, mindfulness teacher and energy healer. She is the co-founder of three dynamic organizations: MOSAIC LLC, The MOSAIC Foundation, a 501c(3) non-profit serving active duty and veteran warriors and MOSAIC Yoga, a community inspired healing arts center. Prior to creating her own companies, Melissa spent ten years as an HR Director for various international consulting firms. In addition to holding a B.A. from James Madison University, she is a certified Metaphysician, Certified Energy Healer and a Registered Yoga Teacher. Melissa has accumulated 4,000 hours of lifetime meditation practice, taught over 500 yoga classes and has facilitated over 1,000 hours of energy healings.  She is grateful to live in alignment with her life’s purpose and to be the mother of three inspiring souls.

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