Yoga Workshops

Yoga Fundamentals

This workshop has been specifically designed for beginners and intermediate students wanting a more detailed understanding of yoga foundations, postural alignment and breath. You will begin to gain an understanding of a yoga class structure and Vinyasa flow. This workshop is a great way to learn or review the fundamentals in a non-competitive fun environment.

Advanced Postures

This workshop has been specifically designed for intermediate to advanced students wanting a more detailed understanding of specific yoga postures to deepen and expand their practice.  This workshop will explore specific inversions, binds and variations to basic postures to make them more challenging.  If you’re feeling ready to take your practice to the next level this is workshop is a must.

Couples Workshop

The essence of Yoga is Union. Through our Couples Workshop, we invite you to explore the union between your hearts and your souls. Both partners will have the opportunity to support and be supported in the practice as you learn to create new yoga postures together and support one another in traditional poses. Couples Yoga focuses on developing the qualities of trust and vulnerability, two vital components to deepening intimacy and fostering unconditional love of one another. Come and explore this Sacred Union in Couples Yoga.

Heart and Hip Openers

Join MOSAIC for an afternoon of exploring, through movement, the depths of your heart and the radiance of your spirit. This two-hour yoga workshop will be centered on heart and hip openers. Through heart-felt and spiritual dialogue, we will weave together a sacred and delicate yoga experience allowing you to understand how to gently go into postures such as bow, camel, wheel, deep lunge, heroes (supine), lotus (half, full), pigeon (half, king, double), splits (full, side), and one foot to head pose. We will include basic and advanced variations, ensuring all practitioners have a unique and authentic experience.

Learning to Fly

Spend an afternoon, exploring some of the most exhilarating and freeing yoga postures – inversions and arm balances. In this two-hour class, we will weave in and out of some of the most playful postures as we fly into handstand and crow. We’ll explore the Vinyasa transitions into crow, side crow, and one-legged half pigeon. We’ll explore handstand, headstand, and tripod headstand. You’ll learn the techniques to gently explore each posture right at your level of experience and comfort. This workshop is both for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners alike. Make sure to bring water and a towel.

Dive Deep into Your Core

Explore the wide range of feelings within your Core by going deep into the places we dont normally have the pleasure of accessing. This workshops emphasises the benefits of Locks; Mula Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha, and Jalandhara Bandha, stoking the fire that burns within you through Agni Sara and clearing internal space with Nauli. Forrest Yoga abdominal exercises build strength and connection, to help you release residual emotions around your first and second Chakras. Add power and precision to your transitions by intiating every movement from your Core. This workshop will teach you how to practice jump throughs, pikes, floating into inversions, landing in arm balances and much more.