Ryan Glidden

Yoga for Ryan started as a way to win over a girl. In 2005 he took a class to impress his girlfriend, now wife, Melissa Love. Having come from a college football background supported by heavy weight training, he didn’t have much interest in yoga as more than a stretch routine. However, after a few yoga classes, he was hooked. Yoga became a means of internal exploration. It was the perfect tool to explore and open his heart, bringing much more peace and happiness to his life. For Ryan, the way of the yogi is the way of the warrior. The warrior spirit is conscious of its thoughts and actions. Its focus is sharp and clear, and it displays tolerance and understanding for all things, especially itself. This is what yoga is to him. When Ryan steps on his mat to guide a class he brings with him his warrior spirit. Through the synchronization of asanas and breath, a deep, grounding flow develops, opening space for our spirit to move, and our true selves to emerge. Yoga is in all of us, and Ryan is truly grateful to be of service to all who seek it. It is the combination of his compassion, patience, strength and sense of humor that nurtures others, allowing them to take what they need from their practice and have fun doing it. Ryan is a 200-ERYT with Yoga Alliance and the Director of MOSAIC’s Yoga Teacher Training Program.  Ryan is also the author of the ebook, Strength, Heart & Balance: 3 Principles for Building a Strong Yogasana Practice.