Asana Clinic

These videos are essential to building a strong and safe practice.  We recommend that you view all of these videos before preceding to the other sections since the principles and techniques you will learn will apply to all.

Theme Sequences

These videos are between 7-40 minutes.  Each one focuses on a specific theme such as hip openers, shoulder flexibility, power flow, or yin yoga.  They are the perfect way to integrate your practice into a busy day.

Full Live Class Recordings

Here you will find pre-recorded in studio classes.  These are primarily, full-length 60-minute vinyasa flow classes.  They are taught for all levels with the instructors offering options to take your practice deeper or back it out.

Instructional Videos

These videos are designed to offer more instruction in specific areas of your practice.  Building your knowledge of yoga asana and philosophy make for a well-rounded practice that you can live on and off our mat.

Asana Conditioning

Strength-building routines using body weight and yoga props functional movement.  Created with time and energy in mind, we’ve kept them short to give you the greatest benefit for the least amount of time.


There is no disputing the profound effects a regular meditation practice has on one’s overall mental health and state of wellbeing.  Here you will find a variety of guided meditations to focus, reduce stress and connect with an inner peace.

We're a local yoga studio

But you don’t have to be anywhere near San Diego to practice with us.


If you are, great, we’d love to meet you.  Check our studio class schedule.


Our collection of videos is growing steadily.  We add new videos every week so you’ll never get bored.

We are slowly transitioning to making MOSAIC Online completely FREE

We’re a small local yoga studio.  Many of our members add the online subscription to their existing studio membership.  For this reason, we wanted to make it affordable.  Over the next couple of months, we will be making all video available for FREE.  We will simply accept donations.


We’d love for you to be a part of our MOSAIC community.  Here are what some of our Tribe are saying about their experience.

It is an absolute joy to be able to maintain a strong home yoga practice. The materials are continually updated and the reflection upon Yogic principles are forever relevant to my own life-wherever I may be.  I am truly grateful for the ability to explore and expand upon my own practice with the MOSAIC family. This is a resource I will utilize indefinitely. Sarah M


Being able to practice via Mosaic online is without question the next best thing to being there in person. I’m able to take Mosaic classes at home, on vacation or where ever I happen to be at any given moment. I’m so grateful to be able to enjoy all of the goodness that Mosaic offers wherever I go! THANK YOU! Jessica M


Mosaic is my home studio. I recently moved to north county and am not able to attend classes in studio, but with Mosaic online I still get to practice with my favorite instructors in the comfort of my home. There are a ton of options depending on what my body and mind are calling for and my time permits.

Dani D


MOSAIC online is an absolute savior.  I moved across the country and travel quite a bit for work… and one thing I’ve learned is that MOSAIC’s caliber of yoga instruction is few and far between, so I have really loved having the MOSAIC community and class experience right at my fingers tips.! Brett T

North Carolina

Over the next couple months we will be making all videos completely FREE