Asana Clinic

The selection of videos located here is essential to building a strong and safe practice.  We recommend that you view all of these videos before preceding to the other sections since the principles and techniques you will learn will apply to all.

Themed Sequences

The classes found in these videos are between 7-40 minutes.  Each one focuses on a specific theme such as hip openers, shoulder flexibility, power flow, or yin yoga.  We update these video’s every month with new themes to keep your practice fresh and engaged.

Instructional Videos

These videos are designed to offer more instruction in specific areas of your practice.  We’ve also included strength building exercises and routines using your body weight and yoga props.  These videos are created with time and energy in mind.  We’ve kept them short and concentrated to give you the most for the least amount of time.

Full-length Classes

Here you will find pre-recorded in studio classes.  These are primarily, full-length 60-minute vinyasa flow classes.  They are taught for all levels with the instructors offering options to take your practice deeper or back it out.  We’ve included some suggested playlists but welcome you to search for another one of our teachers on Spotify or pick your favorite playlist to accompany your flow.


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