Ryan Glidden


Yoga for Ryan started as a way to win over a girl. In 2005 he took a class to impress his girlfriend, now wife, Melissa Love. Having come from a college football background supported by heavy weight training, he didn’t have much interest in yoga as more than a stretch routine. However, after a few yoga classes, he was hooked. Yoga became a means of internal exploration. It was meet your instructor

Melissa Love


Eleven years ago, after facing a cancer diagnosis and the depression that followed, Melissa was inspired to shift her perspective, to change her habits and to heal from within. Yoga was her saving grace. After ten years of exploring Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga, she found her truest expression in Yin Yoga. When she co-founded MOSAIC, she hoped to create a safe meet your instructor

Ryan Krupa


Ryan is a lover of wisdom. His last name, “Krupa”, from the Sanskrit “Kripa” means mercy, compassion, and grace. He is a co-founder of MOSAIC. His central aim is to produce human beings in the art of uplifting consciousness, unleashing potential, and setting human beings free (i.e. fully awakened souls). He is certified by Yoga Alliance as an experienced yoga instructor meet your instructor

Sophie Abdennabi


1. How do you nurture your soul? Through prayer, communion with the Divine and meditation. Connection to the elements in any capacity; running outside, swimming in the ocean, sitting in the sun. My yoga practice. Honoring Truth. 2. What has been your favorite teaching moment thus far? Very early on into my teaching journey, I had a student who would regularly show up meet your instructor

Johnny Fay


1. How do you nurture your soul? I nurture my soul by practicing surfing, yoga, music and meditation. Any activity that brings me back to nature also keeps me grounded. 2. What has been your favorite teaching moment thus far? Hearing the release of Savasana is always my favorite. The consciousness of the room becomes so delicate during those moments; it's just meet your instructor

Susie Prestidge


1. How do you nurture your soul? By doing things that lift my heart~ spending time with people I love (family/friends), listening to beautiful music, eating and preparing cleansing foods, being outdoors and getting lost in a great book. With laughter~ nothing up lifts the spirit and lightens the soul quite like laughter =} Exploring and learning about things that meet your instructor

Michael Flynn


1. How do you nurture your soul? Reading...novels, history, yoga...books calm me and inspire me to see the world. 2. What has been your favorite teaching moment thus far? My favorite teaching moments are when the rolls reverse and I become the student...Never stop downloading. 3. What leaders inspire you? Leaders who don't tell but teach. The ones who ask meet your instructor

Julie Quinn


1. How do you nurture your soul? Time in nature, time alone, writing, reading, dancing, art, yoga, cooking, contemplation, organizing, laughing, alchemy, bonfires, beign in water, breathing, creating, visualizing, going to MOSAIC. 2. What has been your favorite teaching moment thus far? I love seeing the beginning students grow in their practice, for instance when they meet your instructor

Nancine Decherd


1. How do you nurture your soul? My soul is nurtured by spending quality time with family, friends, and self. It is nurtured through the exploration, observation, and participation in / of nature and art forms as well as through meditation and physical movement. Finally, my soul is nurtured by the preparation and consumption of clean, wholesome food.  Yoga and life have meet your instructor

John O’Brien


1. How do you nurture your soul? I nurture my soul by connecting with the present moment. I am driven by those instances where I’m able to achieve a deep and genuine presence in my breath, mind, body, actions, relationships, and community—those moments where I feel connected to a vital awareness. My ability to connect with the present moment is significantly grounded in meet your instructor

Kevin Freiberger


1. How do you nurture your soul? I nurture my soul by taking the time to ask important questions and listening carefully for answers. Finding inner stillness through meditation, time in silence and yoga practice is the essence of how I nurture my soul. Experiencing creative expression, especially through music and asana, is another way that I love to feed my soul. 2. What meet your instructor

Erin Ayres


1. How do you nurture your soul? The practice of yoga.  When I'm on my mat with other practitioners my soul is nurtured.  When I take my dog to the beach my soul is nurtured. 2. What has been your favorite teaching moment thus far? The power went out in the studio.  No heat. No lights. No music.  The class continued with candles lit. 3. What leader inspires meet your instructor

Kaitlyn Hochart


1. How do you nurture your soul? By spending time on my mat, and then balancing that out with other forms of movement especially running and paddle boarding.  A good coffee date with good conversation.  Connecting with others.  Reading.  Good music.  Spending time with my dogs! Traveling, especially to Hawaii. 2. What has been your favorite teaching moment thus meet your instructor

Lori Addis


1. How do you nurture your soul? Dedicating time every day to yoga and especially meditation to deeply listen, receive, and align to a higher divine wisdom that guides, inspires, illuminates and heals. Engaging life through a sense of adventure and wonder! Honoring and following intuition… Surrendering to gentleness and deep acceptance on all levels of being, allowing meet your instructor

Marie Nemeth


1. How do you nurture your soul? I nurture my soul by attuning to my highest consciousness through practices that include reiki, yoga, meditation, prayer, and surfing. I seek to receive infinitely so that I may give infinitely, and I do so through practices that facilitate healing, health, and wholeness. I also enjoy using gifts from the earth in creative expression, from meet your instructor