e·thos (ˈēTHäs): The characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.

At MOSAIC, we do things a little differently.  Instead of a traditional “about us” page, we would rather share with you the ethos of our tribe.

A MOSAIC yogi is the next generation of yoga.
Strong, focused, loving, disciplined and FREE

MOSAIC yogis embrace both flesh and spirit, reason and faith, technology and indigenous wisdom, east and west

MOSAIC yogis use their resources to alleviate the pain and suffering of others

MOSAIC yogis do not practice in front of a mirror because their practice is the mirror.  They are fearless in uncovering their truth regardless of what they find.

MOSAIC yogis put ethics and values before vanity and glory.  They work harder, train harder and give more on and off the mat.

MOSAIC yogis use the asana practice not only to build strength and flexibility in their body but also in their mind.

MOSAIC yogis strive to recognize the divine light in all beings and treat each individual with respect and love.

MOSAIC yogis have been tired, injured, broken and lost but they always find their way back to their mat

MOSAIC yogis practice with a peaceful heart and a warrior spirit.

CREATE their own destiny
DEFINE their own experience
AWAKEN to the power of their spirit
UPLIFT all those around them
CHANGE the world


Want to be able to call upon the MOSAIC Ethos at any time?  Set it to be the lock screen image on your mobile phone.  Click the image to the right to download or click HERE

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