Continuing Education

We have a library of e-books and video’s to continue your education as both a student and teacher.  Each one focused on specific topics to help you deepen your understanding of yoga.

Pranayama Basics: Reducing Stress & Increasing Energy

Yoga Alliance CEC: 1 non-contact hour | Educational Category: TTP

Pranayama is an ancient yogic practice.  Learn the three basic pranayama techniques that can reduce stress, increase energy, focus the mind, improve posture and much more.  This course will teach you everything you need to know to begin your practice as a student or further your understanding of the practice as a teacher.


  • e-book
  • Instructional Video

Strength, Heart & Balance: Three Things You Should Know as a Beginner

Yoga Alliance CEC: 1 non-contact hour | Educational Category: TTP

Strength, Heart & Balance walks you through the three key principles necessary for building a strong and healthy yoga practice.

Each principle is broken down and explored in both it’s physical and energetic components; walking you through a variety of poses and pose categories so you can learn how to apply the principles on and off your mat instantly.


  • E-book
  • Instructional video

The Art of Hands-On Adjustments

Yoga Alliance CEC: .5 non-contact hour | Educational Category: TM

MOSAIC’s Hands On Adjustments e-book walks you through the science of touch and the art of adjusting.

This book covers:

  • Types of Touch
  • What an adjustment should and shouldn’t do
  • What to do if someone doesn’t want an adjustment
  • How to assess, prepare and implement an effective adjustment
  • Patanjali’s rules for adjusting
  • Energetic and verbal adjustments

Understanding Sequencing and the Nervous System

Yoga Alliance CEC: .5 non-contact hour | Educational Category: TM

A 60-90 minute yogasana class takes practitioners on a journey through their bodies and minds.  When properly sequenced, this journey has proven positive effects on both.  Understanding both the science and art of sequencing is a valuable and essential tool for any yoga instructor.  This e-book takes a close look at each of these categories (science and art) to deepen your understanding of what happens to a practitioner during their practice and how to appropriately adjust the variables to influence their experience positively.


  • Learn the ten major pose categories and how to work correctly sequence them
  • Understand the significant role the nervous system plays in a class
  • Understand how to counterpose properly
  • Listen to the wisdom of the great teachers of the past