They say home is where the heart is. The heart of MOSAIC lives in each and every one of its community members. MOSAIC was given its name with the idea of bringing together individuals from varied backgrounds, cultures and beliefs, to connect and create a diverse yet unified whole. Without you MOSAIC does not exist. MOSAIC lives in you, and we are very grateful for that.

Yoga is the medium that brings us together physically. Sharing a room, we move and breath. After an hour or so we go back to our individual lives, but what we learn, or more importantly, what we experience on our mats binds us together. Yoga is created on the principle that we are all connected, that we are, at the heart of it, all one. Yoga has a powerful way of working on us. When we practice regularly we start to see subtle shifts in our daily lives. It shows up in the way we approach a close relationship or even a stranger. It shows up in the way we view our environment or how we care for ourselves differently. Either way, the most powerful yoga practice is the one that takes place in the many moments that live between the times on our mats.

MOSAIC started as an idea, a hope of sorts, as a way a few people could make a positive impact on the lives of others.

If you believe as MOSAIC does, that you make a difference and that your words and actions are powerful and if you believe as MOSAIC does, that you have gifts and talents that live within you and that when you realize these, nothing can stop you from bringing them to form. Then this is A CALL TO ACTION.

Imagine the most peak experience you’ve had on your yoga mat and LIVE it in everything that you do. The world needs a community. A community that is willing to lead the constantly changing world in a direction that awakens and uplifts us all. A community is built by the collaborative works of individuals.

Step onto your yoga mat and breath deeply. Breath into your very soul and ask it to speak to you. Your soul knows the way. Your greatest challenges are first to have the keenness to hear it and then the courage to follow its guidance.