They say that the eyes are the gateway to the soul.  When I look into her eyes she doesn’t just look back at me, she takes me in, swirls me around and subtly reminds me of something that lives deep within me.

I realized that her gates are still open.  They have not yet been sealed by the locks of fear, desire or rejection.  Of course she does not realize this any more then a butterfly realizes it was a caterpillar so I could not call her self realized, but there they are, taking me in and once I’m beyond the gates I’m greeted by her soul, subtly whispering, “remember me, I live within you too.”

As she grows up her gaze will change.  She will need to build the constructs of her ego and go through her own trials and tribulations.  She will experience moments of happiness and sadness, joy and pain, connection and aloneness and of course love and loss.  We cannot know the truth of the soul without experiencing the falsity of the ego.

My hope for her, is that before her life ends she will learn to reopen the gates.  Purified by the fires of life, her gaze will once again allow others in, and greet them with the kind and gentle acknowledgment that sees them as their true Self, their Divine Self.  There in that moment, two becomes one, multiple becomes singular and nothing becomes everything.  There, the essence of life can be known and the light of God can shine forth like the sun.

It is likely when she reaches this point my body will be gone, but I will know her and she will know me.

Happy Birthday