MOSAIC believes the ability to be a true leader stems from knowing oneself and leading from a place of authenticity.  We offer a unique leadership development training program using a multi-dimensional approach to unlock your potential in health, awareness, reason and creativity.

Our leadership development model is based on the concept of “Sagacious Leadership”: the mastering of an art, the development of a penetrating intellect and the embodiment of wisdom. Our training program leads participants through the practices of introspection, discernment, reasoning and meditation.


Our leadership development program fosters leaders who

  • respond to situations with minimal direction, control or oversight
  • uplift consciousness and unleash potential in self and others
  • embody expertise, mastery, and wisdom

Our team has delivered over 10,000 classes, workshops, and trainings to over 120,000 students.  We actively practice the principles we teach. Come explore the awakening of true leadership development by learning to lead from what lives inside of you. Check the events schedule for upcoming MOSAIC Wisdom events at your location.

Wisdom Services

Leadership Development Training

MOSAIC’S leadership training programs aim to transform would-be-leaders into ones who embody “Sagacious Leadership”. Sagacious Leadership is the mastery of an art, development of a penetrating intellect, and a desire for wisdom.  In our trainings, leaders explore the essence of leadership and what it takes to lead. We want to help push you past the threshold of self-imposed boundaries and limitations. MOSAIC’S leadership development process utilizes a multi-dimensional approach and a set of guiding practices designed to explore human development and professional achievement. We focus both on becoming a better human being and a competent professional.

Custom Leadership Development Programs

MOSAIC works with clients to create customized leadership development training programs aimed to identify and address their unique organizational leadership challenges. Email to explore solutions for your organization’s leadership challenges. We have found that often the root challenge is the absence of an understanding of what it takes to develop leaders. This is where MOSAIC significantly contributes by mapping out the activities and practices of what it takes to develop leaders. As we explore what it takes, we work in partnership with you to create a baseline custom training program. MOSAIC also provide a number of services that include advising, consulting, problem analysis, facilitation, coaching, interviews, assessments, after action reports, studies and development plans. We work with your team to develop the mind-set, embodiment and performance that is required to achieve your professional mission. Using our expertise and multi-dimensional leadership development approach, we serve your team with the goal of developing leaders who know how to unleash potential, uplift consciousness and shape culture as they achieve the targets set forth by the organizational mission.

Leadership Development Modules

MOSAIC works with clients to create custom leadership development workshops based upon individual, team, and organizations training needs.  Below is a list of our practices and learning modules.

Leadership Practices

Introspection, Discernment, Reasoning, Meditation, Yoga, Goal-Setting, Performance Management, Fitness, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Writing, Speaking, Interviewing, Assessments, Coaching, Facilitation

Leadership Modules

Leadership, Management, Culture, Identity Development, Character Development, Power, Wisdom, Ethical Reasoning, Moral Development, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Logic in Thinking, Logic in Problem Solving, Problem Solving, Teams, Creativity in Teams, Creativity


Daily facilitation rate: $5,000.00 (does not include expenses)

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