We’ve already done all the research, now we invite you to explore. Let us show you how MOSAIC can help you become the healthiest you’ve ever been!

MOSAIC’s health programs offer you scientifically-proven approaches to improving your health, while also working with your body’s natural ability to heal. Through services such as Holistic Health Coaching and Nutritional Coaching using Metabolic Typing, MOSAIC brings you the best of what science has to offer, while still focusing on natural and holistic solutions.

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Health Services

Metabolic Typing

Knowing your Metabolic Type can be the key to optimizing your health. MOSAIC offers the exclusive Healthexcel Metabolic Typing™ system to identify your individualized, dietary needs. We then assist you in selecting the types of foods and nutrients that will help your body function at its peak efficiency.


Benefits of nutritional coaching

  • prevention and reversal of chronic illness
  • increased physical energy and mental clarity
  • weight loss and weight maintenance
  • strengthened immunity
  • overcoming mood swings and depression

Holistic Health Consult

MOSAIC’s Holistic Health consultation service is designed to find out where you’ve created imbalance and provide the knowledge, tools and support to bring you back to harmony and health once again. Like any good program,  MOSAIC’s approach is systematic, logical and based on both the latest knowledge of human physiology as well as the ancient wisdom of eastern philosophies.

What we assess (based on Ryan Glidden’s book, Good Being, Good Living)

  • Food: What you eat, digest, assimilate and eliminate
  • Air:
 How and what you breathe
  • Rest: The three types of rest and if you’re getting enough
  • Movement:  How and when you move
  • Environment: where you live, work and play
  • Resources: What do you have to work with or without
  • Stressors: What are they and how do you approach them