Supporting a Global Community

MOSAIC teacher training graduates are making an impact not only on their community but on the global community, offering weekly donation classes to provide full high school scholarships and other educational needs to girls around the world.

The Girl Fund

MOSAIC yoga teacher training graduates are supporting Change Heroes and Imagine1day in their efforts towards gender equality in education through the “Girl Fund.”

The Girl Fund is an ongoing initiative to educate girls and elevate communities in districts where for every 3 boys there is only 1 girl attending class,  working to bring that ratio to parity.

What They’re Doing:

1. Supporting girls in pursuing their high school education

They fund high school scholarships for 39 girls. Parents will receive seed funding and business training to earn income. After one year, families will self-fund their girls’ high school educations.

2. Building latrines to create conditions for dignity

They construct latrines where girls don’t currently have this right to privacy.

3. Inspiring community members to stand for their girls

Across 45 schools in one district they work with influential community members to take an active role in achieving gender equity in their schools.

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